5 Most Useful Online Web Design Courses & Tutorials for Beginners

For beginners, getting started with web design can be challenging. Even though in today’s world, there are an infinite amount of resources available for us; it is for that exact reason why it is difficult to choose the best one.

It is not a secret that everybody learns differently. We each have different methods, different ways to grasp information. That is why it is mandatory to carefully choose the type of material that we can learn best from. Some people learn extremely well from lectures; however, some people might be used to more practical ways that require personalized tutorials and practicable materials. Let’s have a look at our options below.


I decided to start the list with Udemy because on this website, there are courses that probably suit the needs of everybody. Most people, who do not want to start learning web design on a serious level (just as a hobby) should start learning on Udemy. On Udemy, everybody is allowed to create and upload courses, which other people can purchase. Udemy courses range from $100-$200 dollars, however, it is definitely worth waiting for their discount weeks where it is possible to buy all their courses for $9.99. Udemy puts its courses on sale usually 9 times a year for around a week.

Learning courses from other people have both advantages and challenges as well. It is beneficial because learners have the opportunity to choose who they want to learn from, and there are literally tens of thousands of course options. On the other hand, it is definitely less formal than a university course and lecture. Most of the time it is also not taught by professionals; thus, it is sometimes challenging to find an educator on Udemy that actually knows what there doing.

A popular and interesting Udemy course on web design is from Joe Natoli, DESIGN RULES: Principles + Practices for Great UI Design. It is relatively a short course; however, Joe gives great advice on basic design principles and explains the key elements of a good UI design. I definitely recommend this course when it is on sale!

Another great course to help you get started with creating websites is Andrew Williams’ WordPress for Beginners course. It is a great course to get started with WordPress. I only recommend it if you haven’t worked with WordPress previously because it starts from the basics. However, for those who are beginners, it is definitely worth the discounted price!


University courses

Educating from university courses and lectures can be a great long-term study method to learn web development. They usually start from the basics and teach the concepts and theoretical ideas thoroughly. However, they will not necessarily be practical. Therefore, if you are interested in the functionalities of a particular web design tool or software, then these courses are definitely not the way to go.

There are a lot of university lectures available online that were carried out by famous institutions, such as Harvard, MIT, or Stanford. The professors in those institutions are well trained, and they really know what they are doing. They are also teaching relevant material; therefore, university lectures are definitely a good place to start learning online. I especially recommend it to those people who are just starting out with web design and looking to learn it from the basics.


Edx is a non-profit organization, which collects and provides free learning material to everyone. Using their online platform, people who seek to learn from university courses can search for specific topics and watch pre-recorded lectures from popular universities. As an example, the University of Pennsylvania created the course, Programming for the Web with JavaScript, which takes around 4 weeks to complete.

This course will teach you the basics of web development as well as web design. It will demonstrate the basic elements of a website, and explain what the requirements of a modern site are. It is also a practical course, and explains web design from a coding perspective, using CSS, rather than using visual techniques. It is perfect for people who are looking to enhance their web design skills to make it a profession one day. As I mentioned before, this course also demonstrates how to create functionalities inside a website; therefore, I recommend this course for people who are also interested in the back-end of a website. If you are only interested in how a website appears on the screen, this course is not for you.


Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit educational website. It was primarily created for high school students. However, there are many tutorials on the site that can be useful and practical for the majority of the people. There are a lot of computer science tutorials that I recommend for people wanting to explore other aspects of this field. Specifically for web design, there is a course called ‘Intro to HTML/CSS’. It includes the basics of webpage design, as well as practical ways on how to code a webpage. This Khan Academy course is an amazing place to start understanding the basics of web design, and how a page is actually built up from scratch.



Codecademy is an online interactive platform for people who are eager to learn to code. It has been established in 2011, and, as of 2020, it currently has more than 20 million users. It has many courses that teach you the basics of CSS and HTML, which are all useful coding languages if you want to get into web design. One of their most useful courses is How to Make a Website with NameCheap. It teaches you how to register a domain and set up a website hosting, which is pretty important if you are just starting to learn about websites. It demonstrates the basics of CSS and HTML, but also gives an insight into Bootstrap, which allows users to create a website quickly using libraries. It is definitely worth learning, because it allows for fast web design, while also having the option of controlling most of the design elements.

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