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The Design Insider #10 – Mcdonald’s New Look, Youtube Updates & More

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pearfisher mcdonalds 2
Source: Pearlfisher

Mcdonald’s Redesigns Packaging – The fast-food giant is refreshing its branding, going for a minimalist look with bold graphics and simple illustrations. Created in collaboration with London based agency, Pearlfisher, the new look aims to convey “joyful moments” and has already begun rolling out in some markets. 

Spotify Libraries Getting New Look on Android – According to hidden feature finder Jane Manchun Wong, this redesign will give individuals the option to toggle from the current list view to a new grid view.   

Klarna Enters Live Stream Shopping – Klarna is entering the live stream shopping space, which has seen an explosion in popularity in the far east but hasn’t quite hit the USA’s shores. The first live-stream shopping event expected to take place next month at Macy’s.  

Trello Gets Visual Overhaul – Trello will undergo a significant redesign, release some new features, and begin supporting more third-party integrations to improve the overall user experience. These changes come as it continues fighting for relevance in the increasingly competitive market for project management tools.

Lyft Navigation Coming Soon – The ride-hailing giant is looking to ditch Google Maps for its own in-app map. According to Jane Manchun Wong, the design team is currently working on a Waze-like navigation system, which will have incident reporting and various features to help its drivers get around. 

Glassdoor Adds Demographic Filter – The job and employer insights platform is doubling-down its focus on diversity and inclusion with a new feature that will allow users filter essential information such as salary and management satisfaction based on demographics.  

Youtube Plans Several Updates – As announced by CPO Neal Mohan, Youtube will be releasing several updates in the coming months. These include: Rolling out shorts to the US, making the chapters feature more intuitive, expanding the “clap” donation feature to more streamers and improving the direct-from-video shopping experience. 

Parking Payments Added to Google Maps – Users will now have the ability to pay for parking directly within the Google Maps app via Google-Pay. Currently limited to 400 US cities, this new feature only works with spaces available on its partner apps, Passport and ParkMobile. 

Facebook Blocks News in Australia – The social media giant has banned Australian users from sharing news outlets’ links in response to the proposed News Media and Digital Platforms Mandatory Bargaining CodeA controversial law set to be passed by the government in which Facebook and Google will be required to pay media companies a fee for hosting their content. 

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