iphone mockup of instagram live rooms feature

The Design Insider #12: Twitter Tests Undo Button, Instagram Live Rooms & More

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google key moments ui update
Source: SEO Roundtable | Barry Schwartz

Google rolls out a new UI for Key Moments – The feature that breaks down important parts of a video into sections on a timeline so users can quickly navigate to parts of interest will be getting a new look. 

Short videos search results expanded – Facebook and Tik Tok videos will also now appear under the “short videos” section of Google search results, in addition to clips from Youtube.

YouTube adds ‘new’ and ‘returning viewer’ metrics – Youtube Analytics Studio will display metrics for new and returning users, allowing creators to understand better their audience trends over time. The feature will be accessible on the web via the Analytics > Audience page.

Google won’t adopt new tracking tech – Google’s director of product management for ads privacy and trust, David Temkin, announced the company wouldn’t be building an alternative tracking system after the recent removal of third-party cookie support. 


Twitter testing undo timer – First identified by social media analyst Jane Manchun Wong, this feature will give users a 5-second window to reverse a sent tweet. Like the hugely successful feature already found on Gmail, but not quite the edit tweet button users are still yearning for. 

Spaces now available on Android – Twitter just made a power move to cement itself as the top dog in the social audio vertical by launching the “Spaces” feature on android before its biggest rival, Clubhouse. 

 eCommerce features in testing  – Twitter is testing a new tweet card that shows a product’s name, shop name, product price and shop button—becoming the latest social platform looking to capitalise on the eCommerce boom. 

COVID-19 Vaccine Misinformation Label – In a bid to tackle fake news, this new label will appear on all tweets that contain inaccurate information or conspiracies concerning the COVID-19 vaccine. 


iphone mockup of instagram live rooms feature

Instagram reveals live rooms – This updated feature will now allow users to go live with three more people than they can at the moment. In addition to this, “live rooms” viewers can buy badges for the hosts and use other interactive features like shopping and fundraising. 

Facebook trains A.I. to ‘see’ – The new “computer vision” program, nicknamed SEER, secured an image classification score of 84.2%, significantly outperforming other A. I model’s on the same test. The new software will supposedly be open-source; however, critical details are soon to follow. 

Facebook allows users to turn off political Ads – From March 4th, users in over 90 countries will have the option to switch off from seeing political content. These new controls will also require advertisers to get authorisation and add disclaimers indicating important information such as the funding source behind any political ads. 

Facebook simplifies Instagram message access – User accounts with Facebook pages or Business Suite can now also be given access to Instagram messages from one place. To grant access to your Instagram messages: Go to Settings>Privacy, then scroll down and check the box for “Allow access to Messages.


image 19
Source: Pinterest

Pinterest content moderation system revealed – Vishwakarma Singh, Head of Pinterest’s trust and safety machine learning team, detailed how the various AI and machine learning models used by the social platform have successfully reduced harmful content distribution and impressions by over 80%.

Pinterest Announces New Marketing Tools – Pinterest revealed a host of new tools at the first-ever global advertiser summit, “Pinterest Presents”. The stand-out was ‘Pinterest Premiere’, an option that enables advertisers to buy premium video placements in the home feed for a specific demographic, interest or category, over a particular time. 

Tik Tok

tik tok q a feature

Q&A rolls out to all Tik Tok creators – The new design feature will label User questions in comments with a Q & A tag, to which creators can respond as they would with any other video content. 

Tik Tok Launches Safety Council – Tik Tok revealed the key members of their new European Safety Council, who will help the social giant shape policies relating to user safety and wellbeing. These include:

  • Alex Holmes, Deputy CEO of the UK non-profit The Diana Award
  • Ethel Quayle, Professor of Forensic Clinical Psychology University of Edinburgh 
  • Justine Atlan, CEO of e-Enfance
  • Satu Raappana, Executive Director, Mental Collective, MIELI Mental Health, Finland.


Netflix launches’ Fast Laughs,’ – Available now on iPhone in select countries, this new TikTok style feature will allow usrs to browse through short clips, share them across Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat and save the corresponding series, films and stand-up specials to their lists for later viewing. 

WhatsApp adds call feature for Desktop – In addition to Mobile, Whatsapp users will now be able to make both voice and audio calls directly through their desktop app. 

Microsoft’s new ‘Group Transcribe’ iPhone app – The tech giants new app aims to aid communication during in-person meetings with many useful features. These include a highly accurate translation feature for non-native speakers and real-time transcription for deaf and hard hearing individuals.  

Soundcloud Adjusts Revenue Model for Artists – Known as Fan-powered royalties; this new system will pay creators based on their music’s listening time. 

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