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The Design Insider #13: Twitter Business Profiles Coming, Adobe Gets New AI & More

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Source: Matt Navarra

Twitter working on new business profiles – A survey is currently in circulation with select individuals to highlight and get feedback on ideas and features relating to Twitter’s new business profiles. The first screens shared by social media expert Matt Navarra show new look profiles that include essential business information such as company name, category, verification badge, plus other important info such as contact details, address and direction. 

Twitter testing new features for images– Currently being tested on both iOS and Android, the first feature will ensure that images aren’t cropped and appear the same on the feed as they do in the tweet composer. The second feature will allow users to upload 4K images directly on their feed, either using wifi or there own cellular data. 

Figma working on voice chat – The hidden feature huntress Jane Manchun Wong has found that the team at Figma have begun working on voice chats. More details to follow, but this could potentially be an excellent feature to facilitate better collaboration between designers. 

Spotify is working on language preference for music – Uncovered by Jane Manchun Wong; the Swedish audio-streaming platform is working on a new feature that will allow users to choose their music based on language preference. 

Medium working on new homepage for web – Another find by Jane Manchun Wong, the blogging platform is redesigning its landing page for web. If first impressions are to go by, it seems that they are heading in the direction of a more Twitter-like interface. 

TikTok launches new “Music Hub”– TikTok has had an enormous influence on music, and it seems this is only going to get bigger with the launch of its new Music Hub. Updated weekly, the hub will include popular TikTok songs, trends, videos, playlists, artist campaigns, new joiners, hashtag challenges and TikTok LIVEs – spanning both emerging and established musical talent​. 

Tik Tok “e-Commerce anchor” coming – The short-form video social platform is positioning itself to capitalise on the growth of online shopping, with a host of new features currently in the works. First discovered by Roland Eisenbrand, the latest is an eCommerce anchor that creators can add to their videos, which, when clicked, redirect users to shops and external online stores. Similar to the shoppable video feature unveiled previously by Instagram. 

New tools to promote kindness on TikTok – These focus on the comments feature, with the first being a set of tools that allow creators to control the comments people can leave on their posts. The second is a new notification that pops up if you are about to share any comments that may violate community guidelines. The notification gives you an option to edit your comment or go ahead and post.  

British NCA testing web snooping tool – Tests for a new data-collection system are currently being run by two unnamed internet service providers, the Home Office and the National Crime Agency, under controversial “Snoopers Charter” surveillance laws introduced at the end of 2016. 

Giphy adds “Hire Me” button – GIPHY has become the go-to place for people to find the most epic gifs for all situations. However, it could soon become the go-to place for companies to hire creative talent, with a new hire me button that creators looking for work can add to their profiles. 

Adobe AI to quadruple your photo’s size – Known as “Super Resolution”, this new AI-powered feature will allow users to quadruple its photos size whilst maintaining the quality. The feature is currently available only on photoshop but will be coming to lightroom very soon.

Google Photos’ advanced video editor – Google has begun rolling out the new tools and new features to help creators edit video content that it first unveiled in an announcement last month. Twitter user Andrew Clarkin discovered the rollout, sharing a video of the new video editor available on his Pixel phone.

Instagram Lite Roll-Out Extended – Following on from a successful launch in India, the revamped Instagram Lite app will now be available to users in over 170 countries. The lite version gives users in areas of low connectivity and data access the opportunity to experience most of the features found in the full version app.  

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