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The Design Insider 14: Instagram New Safety Features, Telegram vs Clubhouse & More

Welcome back to the design insider, our weekly round-up of the latest news, informative articles and resources on all things design and tech.

In the News 

Twitter tests new designs for explore top story  – Hidden feature finder Jane Manchun Wong tweeted screenshots of the three new designs that Twitter is currently testing for the top stories in explore.

Facebook adds new security features for Mobile – You can now set up two-factor authentication and log into Facebook on iOS and Android mobile devices using a physical security key. The key, which works through Bluetooth or by plugging it directly into your phone, will notify you every time someone tries to access your account from an unrecognised device. 

Figma’s refines yet-to-launch voice chat feature – Three weeks after her initial tweet, Jane Manchun Wong shared an updated screenshot and more details regarding Figmas’ yet-to-launch voice chat feature. 

Instagram unveils features to protect minors – The social giant announced a series of new features this week to help safeguard minors using its platform. These include preventing adults from messaging minors who don’t follow them, prompts to young users connected to an adult that “has been exhibiting suspicious behaviour and an under 13 version of the app. 

Facebook adds reels button to Facebook pages – Facebook continues its cross-platform connectivity efforts, with the Instagram reels button now displayed on selective business profiles. 

GoPro relaunch Quik app – The new smartphone app will have an improved editing tool and allow users to store media regardless of what device they took the photo or video with. Later this year, they also plan to introduce unlimited cloud backup, allow storage of media in their original quality. 

Telegram Taking on Clubhouse  – The privacy-focused messaging app is jumping on the audio-social wave with a new version of its Voice Chat feature, which will become available to users. Known as Voice Chats 2.0, this version will expand to channels, giving admins the ability to host, record and publish voice chats. 

YouTube testing tool to check for copyright violations – Social media expert MattNavarra shared a screenshot of a feature that will check any content you upload on youtube for copyright violations—saving you the time and stress of uploading something that will most likely get banned. 

Apple working on live status updates for businesses in maps – First spotted in the latest iOS 14.5 beta, the tech behemoth will star crowd-sourcing live status data for points of interest. The data, which helps customers stay updated with a business, their details and other points of interest, will display directly in apple maps.  

Google reduces commissions on Playstore – Following Apple’s recent announcement, Google will lower its commissions down from 30% to 15% on the first $1 Million revenue. 

Recommended Reads

AdobeStock 225346391 1

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Spotify’s tips for leading remote design sprints – Working remote has its challenges, especially when you’re running crucial collaborative design exercises such as sprints. To help you, in this article, the senior product designer at Spotify, Ben Dedrick, shares his tips and best practices for running a successful remote design sprint.

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Useful Tools & Resources 

how to use emptahy to create products people love

Book of the Week – Well-Designed: How to Use Empathy to Create Products People Love by Jon Kolko | More Info 

Tool of the Week – Landing Letter – Get insightful landing page tear-downs that focus on copywriting, user flow and placement of elements delivered to your inbox every week.

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