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The Design Insider 15: Spotify Re-Designs Apps, Slack Getting New Features & More

Welcome back to the design insider, our weekly round-up of the latest news, informative articles and resources on all things design and tech.

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Source: Spotify

Spotify Rolls out Redesigned Web and Desktop App – Almost nine months after Jane Manchun Wong first reported it, Spotify is starting to roll out its redesigned web and desktop app. The latest version will have several UI/UX changes that will make it easier for users to discover and listen to music and podcasts. These include the shift of the search bar to the left-hand navigation menu and a host of new features for creating playlists.

Slack CEO announces a host of new features – Speaking in a clubhouse discussion last week, Stewart Butterfield unveiled a host of new features coming to slack, including clubhouse style audio rooms, voice messages, and even stories. These follow the recently unveiled and highly controversial slack connect, a feature aiming to kill the email, that will allow individuals from up to 20 organisations to collaborate in the same workspace. 

Tik Tok rolling out themed Playlists – The social platform for short-form video content has started rolling out a new feature allowing creators and business profiles to organise public content on their profiles into playlists. Hopefully, this should help improve discoverability and UX for individuals searching for specific videos, which isn’t the best right now. 

Twitter bringing spaces on the web – The social giant has made tremendous progress since it unveiled its social audio feature called spaces. Recently, it beat clubhouse to becoming available on Android and iOS devices, and based on this recent post; it seems that it will now also become the first to have a web version of the app.

First look at Facebook’s clubhouse clone – It seems Facebook is following Twitter and clubhouse with its own social audio feature. Although they are yet to give further details, feature leaker Alessandro Paluzzi shard some images of the progress they’ve made so far. 

Apple expands free professional learning tools – Apple unveiled a new self-paced professional learning offering called Apple Teacher Portfolio. The new tool aims to help educators bring creativity to every lesson and any subject. In addition to this, Apple will also provide updates across its Schoolwork/Classroom apps, and the popular Everyone Can Create curriculum. 

Recommended Reads

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What if we used Clubhouse for UX research? – Clubhouse seems to be the talk of tech today, with millions of users joining the social audio platform to learn and network. In this article, the author explores the potential opportunities and drawbacks of potentially using it as a tool to assist with UX research. 

Embracing imposter syndrome as a designer – The feeling of inadequacy can be detrimental to growth, especially in creative fields. In this article, the author shares the journey of how she used self-doubt to catalyse her growth as a designer. 

Fifty-seven books every designer should have in their library – In this article, we’ve created a list of our favourite books covering a range of design topics, from design thinking, typography to UX strategy, management and much more. 

How to Direct and Maintain Attention in AR Applications – Augmented reality apps and products are experiencing unprecedented growth. Yet, many still see them as shiny new toys, which diverts the attention away from their actual purpose. In this article, the author explores various concepts and shares some best practices to keep in mind to design AR apps/products that can effectively focus the attention of users. 

Conversation design is the future of UX – In this article, the author details what CxD is and how you can leverage it to craft back-and-forth exchanges that are more engaging, informative, and ultimately meaningful in the customer’s overall experience of your brand.  

Useful Tools and Resources

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Book of the Week – 101 Design Methods: A Structured Approach for Driving Innovation in Your Organisation by Vijay Kumar | Find Out More.

Tool of the Week – ProApp Learn Design – The ultimate mobile app for learning all things UI/UX design – iOS | Android.

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