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The Design Insider 16: Playstore UI Updated, Clubhouse adds Payments & more.

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clubhouse payments feature
Source: Clubhouse

Clubhouse adds payment feature – The social audio app has started rolling out a new feature allowing all users to send money on the platform. However, the ability to receive donations will only be made available to a select test group of creators for now. The move is an apparent attempt by Clubhouse to keep creators on the platform as it faces stiff competition from Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more who are working on their new social-audio features.

Apple testing tags in App Store – After typing in a search bar query, users can tap more specific tags to curate the search results further. The feature is currently in testing with some users and aims to make search, which 70% of App Store visitors use to find apps, more contextual. 

Facebook testing Clubhouse clone – Currently in a testing phase, the web-based Q&A app, called Hotline, will work slightly different to Clubhouse. With audience members required to type their questions before joining creators on a stage, an upvoting feature and creators’ given the ability to interact via both video or audio. This is just one of the audio-social platforms Facebook is currently testing. 

Apple Music for artists app redesign coming?  Apple fanatics predict that iOS 15 will see the interface design get a further refresh, following the macOS Big Sur style. These predictions got more accurate, with the Apple Music for Artists app getting some bug fixes and a logo change, which ditched the flat look for something with a bit more depth. 

Google Play UI updated – The updated Google Play Store UI will see the hamburger menu removed from the interface’s left-hand side, with the menu items accessible instead from the profile button located next to the search bar. The settings menu will also be getting a significant overhaul, with options organised into folders instead of a long list.

Manage Whatsapp Catalog on the Web – Millions of businesses are using Whatsapp catalogue to connect with consumers. Currently, they’re only able to manage their inventory on Mobile; however, this is changing as the feature will now be available on their web version for desktop. 

Signal test payments in the U.K – The preferred messaging app for privacy-conscious people has begun testing a new payments feature, which will allow users to seamlessly send and receive money with a proprietary cryptocurrency system known as Mobilecoin.  

Tik Tok adds auto-captions – Tik Tok will now give creators the chance to add auto-captions to their videos to improve accessibility and help those who are hard of hearing or deaf better use and enjoy content on the platform. The feature will automatically generate subtitles, initially in American, English and Japanese, with more languages to follow.

Youtube Music testing new designs  – The design changes will start with the iconography, which will see the lifeless grey style icons ditched for black and white line-art style graphics. You might not notice the shift yet as it’s initially in testing with a select group of accounts. 

Amazon Android app redesign rolled out – Despite being a dominant player in eCommerce, Amazon’s app UX has been relatively lacklustre. However, things are looking up as the android app is getting refreshed. The new version has a more clean look and improved usability by introducing a bottom navigation bar. From here, users can access several essential features such as their profiles, shopping cart and much more

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