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The Design Insider #2

Happy Monday folks. We’re back with another collection of the latest of whats happening to help keep you inspired and clued on all things UI/UX, product design and technology.

In the News

Google Maps Community Feed
Source: Google

Google Maps Update – Google rolling out four new features on maps to help improve the overall experience for both businesses and searchers using the platform.

Revolut Releases Web AppThe challenger bank web app will give customers the opportunity to access their accounts and functionalities on desktop.

Sneak Peek into Twitter Audio Spaces – Currently in private beta, this feature will allow users to have live conversations with other users and in groups.

Snapchat Launches Spotlights – Snapchats in-app Tik Tok clone feature has finally gone live. With a daily pot of $1 Million available for creators to encourage its use.

Whatsapp gets Dark Mode and Wallpapers – Going forward, users will be able to add customisable wallpapers to each chat, helping them distinguish between conversations.

Pinterest Online “Classes” Coming Soon – According to reverse engineer, Jane Manchun Wong, Pinterest are working on a feature where participants can join classes/lessons on the platform via Zoom.

Evernote Gets a New Look for Android – The note-taking app has undergone a major redesign to help create a more streamlined user experience.

Spotify File Patent for Plagiarism Detection TechnologyThe Swedish behemoth has begun working on a technology to help creators detect plagiarism in real-time during music composition.

Recommended Read

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Designing Fast and Efficient Websites – Tips and on how you can improve your website load time and in turn overall user experience.

Motion Design and Usability – An in-depth guide into the principles of motion design and their importance in creating excellent user experiences and product engagement.

Rethinking Customer Support for the Current Age – Take a look at the companies who’ve been providing excellent customer support and services by adapting to changing consumer needs.

Practical Tips for Creating a Smooth Website Navigation Experience – Learn how to optimise your website navigation to deliver the very best user experience.

Typography & UI Design – A deep dive into six typographic fundamentals to produce a more usable and engaging experience.

Case Study: Designing Slack – A behind the scenes look at the design process behind the $27 Billion company’s first interface.

Empathy in UX Design – A look at the importance of empathy in building successful digital products and strategies to help you build this critical skill.

App of the Week – Freetrade

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Freetrade is a commission-free investment platform on a mission to get everyone investing with its easy-to-use and trustworthy app. The app is free to download, but also has a premium product which offers a variety of extra perks. Although only currently accessible to UK residents, the company recently closed an equity crowdfunding round and are planning to expand throughout Europe, with Sweden being the first country on the list.

Try it Out – App Store | Google Play

Useful Resources

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Book of the Week – The Design Thinking Playbook

Humaaans – This is an excellent free library to mix-&-match illustrations of people that are highly customisable to your needs. Available on Sketch, Figma, InVision and Adobe XD.

UX Database – Browse the database of 600+ curated products and tools that you can use in all aspects and stages of the product design process. From user research, visual and interface design resources, to design management and much more.

Adobe Illustrator Free Course – Learn how to create beautiful artwork and visuals in Adobe illustrator with this free online course on youtube. Ideal for Beginners.

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