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The Design Insider #3

Whether you’re a first timer or returning reader, welcome to the Design Insider. Our weekly round-up of the latest news, informative articles and resources on all things design and tech.

In the News

WhatsApp adds carts –  In addition to being able to browse their product catalogue, the Carts feature will allow users to select multiple products and send the order as one message to the business.

Snap Releases New Twitter Integration – Allowing users to share tweets with followers on Snapchat directly, instead of having to screenshot and send.

Stitcher App Gets Makeover for Android – The latest upgrade will give users a more fine-tuned browsing, playing, and tracking experience, with custom show groups also added. 

Google Allowing Users to Limit Gambling & Alcohol Ads – Google rolling out new advertising settings that will give users a choice to see fewer ads related to gambling and alcohol. The changes will first be accessible on Youtube to users in the US, with a global roll-out expected in 2021. 

Pinterest Boards Get a New Look – After their massive surge in use during the COVID-19 pandemic, Pinterest has announced three new features to enhance the overall user experience of board creation, accessibility and browsing. 

Instagram Launches Shopping in Reels – The transition from photosharing to social commerce continues, as users will now be able to view, buy, save and get more information about featured products in Reels.

Tivo Rolling Out Match Scores – TiVo launches a new service called Match Scores, helping pair viewers with streaming services that best match their preferences.

Yelp Redesigned for Android – The app for discovering local businesses gets a second re-design in the space of the year. With the latest upgrade focused on providing users with a more personalised user experience

Recommended Reads


How Emirates Airline uses customer-centric design – Get an insight into how the MVP of airline’s designs and implements customer experiences together with business stakeholders and agile development squads.

Five Digital-First Strategies to Turn Banks into UX Disruptors  Learn the consumer-focused strategies and user-centred approach real disruptors in the banking sector take to gain an edge over the competition.

The UI Cheat Sheet for Button Design –  A comprehensive guide on the different types of buttons, their states and interactions.

The Complete UX Workshop Guide – An in-depth look at the various types of UX workshops that exist, tips on when to use them in your design process and strategies on how to run them effectively to yield maximum ROI.

How Tik Tok’s Design Hooks You Up – A dissection of the strategies and techniques TikTok uses to onboard, creates habit loops, drives our behaviour, hook us in and keep us scrolling.

Colour Psychology in UX Design – A deep-dive into how colours and the context of their use affects the psychology, perception and overall user experience of a product. 

How to Use Dark Patterns Effectively –  Tips on how designers should use these UX/UI interactions ethically and transparently, instead of using them to deceive and manipulate user behaviours.

App of the Week – Wolt

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Wolt is a food-delivery platform that makes discovering and ordering food a comfortable and seamless experience. The secret to their success in a competitive market lies in the simple UI and outstanding UX of their iOS and Android app. Both of which have made it the preferred platform for consumers to get food and groceries delivered to their doors across 20+ Countries.

Useful Resources

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Book of the Week100 Things Every Designer Should Know About People

Userleap – UserLeap is a continuous research tool that allows you to hyper-target specific users of you’re digital product with micro surveys at particular points in their user journeys—giving you meaningful insights and feedback to guide further product development.

Adobe After Effects Course for BeginnersLearn how to create epic visual effects and motion graphics with this excellent free online course.

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