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The Design Insider #4: Record App Store Spend, Facebook Redesign Pages, Whatsapp Updates Privacy Policy & More

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In the News 

global christmas spending 2020

App Spend at Christmas Reached Record High  – According to sense tower, Global App Spending on Christmas grew by 35% from the same time 2019, hitting a whopping $407 Million. 

Facebook Redesign Pages – Pages get a new look in which likes will be replaced by follows and four additional features aimed at improving the experience of discovery for users and management for businesses and marketers.  

Spotify Starts Testing New CarPlay UI – Spotify unveils a new CarPlay UI for the latest beta version of the app, which is now available via TestFlight.

The Streaming Wars Intensify – An in-depth look at the landscape, movers and shakers in this increasingly competitive and lucrative streaming space. 

Whatsapp has a New Privacy Policy – Users will need to accept a new privacy policy that will give the messaging app permission to share a more significant amount of their data with Facebook. Failure to comply will result in account deletion. 

TikTok rolls out its first lidar-powered AR effect – The video-sharing platform is rolling out a new selection of AR effects that leverage new Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) technology on the latest iPhone devices. 

Get a Virtual Makeover via Google & Snapchat – Google and Snapchat partner with AR and beauty firms to help customers virtually try on thousands of lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes and beauty products. 

Snapchat Files Patent for Bitmoji Shop Feature – In a recent filing picked up by PATENT DROP, Snapchat is working on a feature that will allow users to customise their virtual avatar with products directly from a retailers website. 

Apple’s Guided Retail Experience – The tech giant has filed a patent allowing personal shoppers to demonstrate devices to users, and show them interactively within the customer’s home.

Buy Now Pay Later Use Surges Over Christmas – The COVID economy’s uncertainty failed to deter consumers, as online spending using buy now pay later services reached record levels in 2020. With brits spending close to £2.3 Billion during the festive period alone. 

Pfizer Updates Logo After 70 Years – The Pharmaceutical giant ditches its blue pill-like logo for a more scientific-looking double helix. Seemingly an ode to its work in creating the pioneering COVID-19 vaccine in conjunction with BioNTech. 

CIA Gets a New Look  – The American intelligence agency unveiled a new look to promote inclusivity and attract a more diverse workforce. As expected, the identity of the designer behind the new brand remains a secret. 

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App of the Week – Sleep Cycle

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Sleep Cycle is a simple and easy to use an intelligent smart alarm that tracks your sleeping patterns and wakes you up during your lightest sleep phase.

Useful Resources

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Book of the WeekNudge: Improving decisions about health wealth and happiness

Vektors – An eclectic library of free illustration packs you can use in your product design.

404 Page Inspiration – This is an excellent website where you can browse a huge library of creative 404 pages to get inspiration and ideas to create your own.

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