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The Design Insider #5: Trump Cancelled, Signal Growth Surges, Food Delivery Apps Win Big & More

Our weekly round-up of the latest news, informative articles and resources on all things design and tech.

In the News


Video Game Spending Hit New Record in 2020 – According to the NPD group, US spending on video games hit $56.9B, a whopping 27% increase from the same time in 2019. 

Language Learning App Use Booms – Apps like Duolingo and Babbel have seen a surge in usage since the COVID-19 pandemic began. With the UK market being the most significant contributor to this growth. 

Bumble Files to go Public – The dating app designed to empower females to make the first move has filed to go public, with Founder Whitney Wolfe Heard to receive a $125 million payout. 

Coinbase Commits to Better User Experience – VP of Customer Success, Casper Sorensen, promised that Coinbase is “committing to a better customer experience during this time of heightened interest in the crypto economy.” A direct response to the growing number of complaints from dissatisfied customers. 

Amazon Ring App Security Flaw Exposed – Ring’s privacy problems dealt another blow, as their Neighbors app found to be exposing the precise locations and home addresses of users who had posted to the app. 

Trump Deplatformed – Major online platforms and businesses began removing the accounts associated with Donald Trump. A direct response to the role “dangerous rhetoric” and misinformation posted by the president played in the capitol building siege. 

Signal Sees a Surge in Users – The encrypted messaging app continues to benefit from WhatsApp’s mass exodus, remaining the most downloaded app on both app stores. 

Tik Tok Releases New Privacy Policy – In line with this new privacy policy, TikTok will make accounts of users aged under 16 private to improve child safety on the app.

Food Delivery Apps Win Big in Lockdown – Food-delivery platforms celebrate a record-breaking year. With Just Eat experiencing 400% growth in delivery orders during Q4 2020.

How Skyscanner Uses UX research to Navigate an Uncertain Travel Climate – Discover how Skyscanner uses user insight and testing to stay ahead of quickly shifting trends in travel.

Recommended Reads

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Post-Pandemic Digital Banking UX Trends – A look at how an experience-empowered digital strategy can help financial brands transform and adapt to the new post-COVID paradigm’s emergence.

2021: Year of Fintech Product Opportunities – Get up to speed with the emerging trends and massive opportunities in fintech where you should be investing time, skills and capital. 

Design Like Elon Musk Using 6 Fundamental Principles – Learn about the six fundamental design principles used by Musk’s companies to beat the big boys in their respective industries. 

The Importance of Colorblind-Friendly Design – Highlighting its importance with a case study Among Us, a popular game that relies on colour encoding as a primary identifier for players.

How Designers Use Psychology to Manipulate Users – Exploring how psychology is applied to the design of technology and its power over our behaviour, so you can be conscious of using it wisely.

The Three Levels of Accessibility – Level up the accessibility of your product with insights on the three crucial points throughout a project where it should be influenced. 

An Introduction to Object-Oriented UX and How to Do It – An in-depth look at how an object-oriented UX can simplify the creation, design and experience and design of a digital product. 

Psychology in Design: The Zeigarnik Effect – Learn more about this intriguing behavioural principle and how you can apply this in your designs. 

Why do We Hate Brand Redesigns – A look at the reasons behind the immediate and strong negative reactions brand redesigns evoke within humans. 

Lessons Learnt From Browsing 100 Brutalist Websites – Key takeaways from an in-depth analysis of websites that use brutalism in design.

UX Design in the Games industry – An excellent guide to the opportunities and role UX in gaming, complete with examples and case studies

App of the Week – Sidekick Browser

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Sidekick is a chromium-based OS that brings the most popular web apps, multiple logins, and user workspaces into a single interface. Removing tab clutter and creating a smoother browsing experience.

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Useful Resources

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Book of the Week – Don’t Make Me Think…A Common Sense Approach to Web & Mobile Usability by Steve Krug – Buy Now

UX Toast – An excellent app for learning the fundamentals, laws, principles and processes of UX & UI Design in a single app.

Spline – The ultimate tool that makes the process of creating, iterating and publishing 3D web experiences simple and cost-effective.

Privacy Hunt – An extensive library of privacy forms from some of the biggest companies in the world.

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