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The Design Insider #6

Welcome back to the design insider, our weekly round-up of the latest news, informative articles and resources on all things design and tech.

In the News

european consumer spending health fitness apps by quarter 2019 2020

Record Health & Fitness App Spend – According to Sensortower, mobile health and fitness app spending in Europe jumped 70% in 2020 to a record $544 million. A result of people turning towards healthier pursuits during COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions.

Google Redesigns its Mobile Search Experience – The search engine giant is rolling out a redesigned version of mobile search results, with several new features to improve the overall UX for readers.

Pinterest Expands Virtual Make-Up AR Feature – Users will now be able to use Pinterest AR feature to virtually try on over 4000 different eyeshadows from some of the biggest beauty brands.

Youtube Launch Hashtag Landing Pages – Youtube will now redirect users to landing pages which display content specific to the hashtags they select. 

Signal Copying Whatsapp – Signal clones several Whatsapp features. These include custom chat wallpapers, contact about, low data mode, animated stickers, group calls limit to 8 participants and more.

Yelp Working on New Design – According to App Researcher Jane Manchun Wong, “Yelp is working on new category icons for the home page, as well as slight layout improvements”.

Parler Going Offline Again?  – US court ruled that Amazon didn’t break the law when it terminated the free-speech app’s hosting services in response to its role in the capitol riots.

Apples New Privacy Policy Costs Facebook Big – According to Eric Benjamin Seufert, Apple’s upcoming ATT iOS privacy changes will roughly cause a 7% reduction in Facebook’s revenue for Q2 2021.

Instagram’s Head Not Happy with Reels – In an interview with Verge, Mosseri admitted to not being entirely happy with reels’ performance as Tik Tok continues to dominate the short-form video content space.

TikTok Launches New Q&A feature – Tik Tok has begun testing a new Q&A feature with a select group of creators. The feature will allow creators to interact directly with their audience by answering their questions in text, video and live stream. Allows Transcription of Google Video Chats Instantly – A new chrome extension allows users to transcribe team meeting conversations from google meet in real-time.

Recommended Reads

AdobeStock 225346391 1

Unlearning to Learn Design – This article looks at designers can create systems that are more inclusive, optimise for social equity and address problems of discrimination, bias, and systemic exclusion in designs.

UI Icon Cheat Sheet – A handy guide to help you get a common understanding of the different types, categories and styles of icons.

A Comprehensive List of UX Design Methods & Deliverables – An excellent list of mostly free resources that designers use. These include UX design tools, frameworks, methods, techniques, and deliverables.

A Guide to Running a Successful Discovery Workshop – Discovery workshops are not one-size-fits-all, so this article covers a few best practices for designing (and delivering) workshops that consider different circumstances.

Designing for Autistic People – A summary of the best design practices for autistic people in 9 critical categories including layout, content, colours, interactions, navigation and more.

Useful Resources

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