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The Design Insider 7: Trouble for Trading Apps, Twitter Pilots Birdwatch & More

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In the News

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Source: Robinhood

Turbulent Week for Trading Apps – Trading apps struggled to cope as more retail traders joined the Wallstreetbets movement against short-sellers, sending Gamestop and AMC stock through the roof.

Spotify to Suggest Songs Based on Emotions – The Swedish Streaming giant gets patent to build technology that analyses users’ voice and suggest songs based on their emotional state, gender, age, or accent.

Twitter Birdwatch Pilot Begins – The social media giant has begun testing a new feature that will allow users to identify information in Tweets they believe are misleading and write notes that provide informative context. 

Google Saves Robinhood’s Play Store Rating – The tech giant deleted 100,000 one-star reviews from disgruntled retail traders who took to the platform to voice their frustration with the digital brokerage’s decision to restrict users from buying “Meme Stocks”.

Clubhouse Achieves Unicorn Status -The invite-only social audio app continues its strong run, hitting a massive milestone of 2 Million users and closing a Series B investment round of $100 Million, at a $1 Billion valuation. 

Amazon App Icon Gets New Look – The eCommerce giants new icon incorporates Amazon’s smile logo, a blue “haircut” and brown background, clearly an ode to its cardboard shipping boxes. 

Transfer Whatsapp Chat History to Telegram – The privacy-first messaging app looks to dominate the market, now allowing users to transfer all their chat history, including documents and media, directly from competitors like WhatsApp to their platform.

Firefox Gets New Look – Mozilla will be making some significant design changes to the firefox browsers UI elements, including the address bar, toolbar, tabs bar, hamburger menu and info bars. The expected rollout of these changes will take place around May. 

Instagram Launches Professional Dashboard  – The social media giant will release a new dashboard, giving users access to curated educational information and more comprehensive tools to manage and track page performance more effectively.

Recommended Reads

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Useful Tool & Resources

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Book of the Week – Escaping the Build Trap: How Effective Product Management Creates Real Value by Melissa Perri – Find Out More

UI & UX Starter Kit – An excellent collection of the best design resources and tools across various categories. Including fonts, mockups, inspiration, illustrations, design systems, icons and more – Created by Sina Sadegh – Founder of UX/UI Daily | Startup & VC.

DIY UX Audit – A free UX audit checklist, which includes 100 unique criteria you can use to uncover 90% of your website or app’s usability issues.

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