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The Design Insider #8: Apple Updates Design Resources, Twitter Gets Facelift & More

Welcome back to the design insider, our weekly round-up of the latest news, informative articles and resources on all things design and tech..

In the News

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Source: Google

Track Your heart rate via Pixel’s Camera – Googles Pixel will soon allow users to track vital health metrics using only the device’s cameras. From next month, the front camera will enable users to measure the respiratory rate, whilst the rear camera will give them an instant heart rate reading. 

Apple Updates Design Resources – The latest release includes Sketch, Photoshop, and XD templates, guides, and other resources to help designers building apps across all its platforms.

Instagram Stories to Get Vertical Feed – The social media giant confirmed that it’s currently working on a vertical feed for its stories feature. A clear signal of its intent to capitalise on the rising popularity of short-form video content, pioneered by its biggest rival, TikTok.

OneDrive Android App Redesigned – Microsoft is redesigning the homepage experience and adding several new features to its OneDrive Android app. Already live on their iOS app, these changes will be made available for Android devices running on OS version 6 or above. 

Tik Tok Tackling Fake News – In an attempt to tackle misinformation, the social video-sharing app will now display an “unverified” label for any content whose claims its fact-checkers cannot substantiate.  

Instagram Adds Recently Deleted Folder – Deleted content will now end up in a recently deleted folder for users to review, restore or permanently delete. All content will stay in the folder for 30 days, aside from stories which remain for 24 hours, before automatic removal.

Pinterest Posts Record-Breaking Growth – The image-sharing social platform had a killer Q4 in 2020, hitting 459 Million MAU’s and $706 Million in revenue. A reflection of its advertisement businesses success, which more creators are now using for eCommerce and product promotion. 

Twitter Brand to Get Facelift – In a recent announcement by it’s CMO, Leslie Berland, Twitter will give its logo an upgrade, and replace its current Helvetica font with a custom new Typeface called Chirp. An attempt by the social platform to add some excitement to its brand. 

Recommended Reads

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Reels vs Shorts: A Side by Side Comparison – TikTok’s transformative impact on social content has been insane. With every platform now building features focused on short-form video. This article looks in depth at how TikTok copycats Instagram Reels and Youtube Shorts, compare on the features front. 

13 Tips For Improving Landing Page Design – A landing page is the first place potential customers visit when they hear about or interact with your brand. This article features some excellent tips to help you create a well-designed one that gives a positive first impression and user experience. 

A Designer’s Guide to Receiving Criticism and Managing Feedback – Although its sometimes a hard pill to swallow, reacting positively when someone critiques your work is an essential part of the progressing as a designer. This article offers some great insights and tips on how you can respond to feedback to get the most favourable outcome. 

8 Practical Tips to Effectively Apply Whitespace in UI Design – White space is a critical design component that makes user interfaces more aesthetically pleasing and scannable. This article looks at the best practices and offers some excellent tips on using whitespace effectively to enhance your digital product. 

Robinhood: A Perfect Example of Business-Centred Design – Last week was an eventful one for the folks at Robinhood, with the Gamestop fiasco thrusting them into the spotlight. This article looks at how the user-centric trading platform abandoned UX for the sake of its business.

Information Architecture in UX Design – Information architecture (IA) is one of the most critical aspects of digital products UX, so designers must describe it effectively. This article explores how a thoughtful approach to describing IA impacts the usability and performance of the product.

Useful Tools & Resources

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Book of the Week – Thinking with type: A Critical Guide for Designers, Writers, Editors, & Students by Ellen Lupton

Systemflow – Designer-First utility Framework for Webflow and Figma with 1000+ CSS classes, 50+ pre-built components and layouts.

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